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Imagine getting new content each and every month to help you create videos and conduct webinars and workshops!  That's what you'll get with our Edumarketing Toolbox!  Video Scripts, Professional Videos, Presentations and more.  New content every month!  

Check out what's included each and every month:

  1. Four Video Scripts: We write it, you record it!
  2. Four Snackable Videos: Just personalize and post!
  3. A complete workshop in a box program that includes:

Power Point Presentations

Besides the videos and scripts, you'll have access to our library of realtor and consumer presentations. 

We have a library of realtor power point presentations.

Plus, a library of  consumer power point presentations.

Handouts to Share During or After Your Presentation

Realtor handouts

Consumer handouts

Train the Trainer Guide (So you know what you are saying during the presentation.)

Email Invitation (All you have to do is copy the information and send it to whoever you want to invite to your presentation. We've made it super easy!)

We also have several Blog Articles in our Library!

Simply post it on social media, your website or send it out in an email.

Virtual Video Producer



Edumarketing Toolbox

Here’s what you get every month:

  1. Four video scripts
  2. Four snackable videos to post on social media 
  3. Realtor and Consumer Power Point Presentations
  4. Realtor and Consumer Handouts
  5. Train the Trainer Guides
  6. Email Invitations
  7. Blog Articles

Virtual Video Producer

You record it, we edit and produce it for you each and every month.  That's right.  You record a video for each week of the month and we will edit and produce a professional video with call outs, your branding and b-roll video.  All you have to do is point and shoot and send it to us.  We take it from there. 

Social Media Management

Your Gold Edumarketing Media Package takes the pressure off of producing, editing and posting your video content.  We begin by giving you monthly content in your Edumarketing Media. 

Next, you record your four videos for the month and send them to us.  If you want to record your own content, no worries.  Whatever you want to record a video about, you simply record and then send it to us. We edit, brand and produce your videos and then we post them each week for you onto your YouTube and social media channels. 



Our Edumarketing Toolbox gives you content written specifically for you the loan originators, so you can be the expert and Edumarket. 

Each Month Includes:
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Video Scripts

Four video scripts.  It's a new video for you to post each week! We write it, you record it!

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Four pre-made snackable videos for social media!  All you have to do is personalize and post!

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Powerful presentations.  We have them for consumers and realtors. We make it easy for you to hold webinars and live workshops.

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Presentation handouts to share with your audience.  Use with your presentations for consumers and realtors.

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Trainer Guide

Presentation notes laid out for you for a smooth and easy webinar or workshop. 

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Email Invitation

Custom invitations for you to send to your network - copy, paste, send!

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Blog Article

We include various blog articles for you to post on your socials or send as a newsletter.


In Need of Your Own Production Team? 

We help some of the largest companies in the industry manage their edumarketing webinars, events and training content.  Set up a call and let us create a plan for your branch, team or company!  We can create specialized content for you or simply edit and produce content for your entire team.  Plus we can come to you and have our professional video production team record your entire team and create content for you to use throughout the year.  If you don’t have a video production team on staff, let us be yours!



Comfortable producing your own content, but need some help managing social media? That's what we're here for. 



We create all types of content, from infographics to presentations to websites.

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We plan, produce and edit videos that focus on education rather than consumerism.

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We come up with strategic social media plans for an easy management process. 

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We work with you and your team to strategize the perfect plan that will educate.

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We are a group of creatives and content specialists with diverse backgrounds and personalities. Meet the experts and creative thinkers behind the magic of our business. 


By creating unique content, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the largest companies in the nation. Check out how we used our creative minds to strengthen their brands.  


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What Makes Edumarketing Effective?

We developed a process to identify what your customers want to know about you, your products, services and what’s important to them.  From there, we came up with a system to create a long-term plan that allows you to develop topics, headlines and content that educate rather than market.

That's why we call it EDUMARKETING.